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Who we are

Indy Cloud is a boutique software development and consulting company. With our proprietary database application ‘flow’ we help digitalize businesses. We standardize and automate the information and document flow in value chains and empower companies to run analytics on their data.

Flow removes the inefficiencies of analog information processes and increases productivity. We have many years of experience in optimizing business processes and individually model our customer’s business and transition their data into the cloud.

Our Vision

A world where expert information is a workable common good for people of all educational backgrounds.

What we do

We combine the latest scientific know-how in operations with the world’s most versatile database application and decades of practical experience. With this combination we provide our customers with a unique service bundle that generates huge value for their business. Implementing flow brings order into chaotic data, reduces mistakes made and saves time.

Implementation process

An implementation of flow comprises three steps in which we actively communicate and constantly update our customers about progress.

Process analysis and consulting

Data modelling

Business logic implementation


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